Simon Communities in Ireland have been closing doors on homelessness for up to 50 years.

How vulnerable would you feel knowing that nothing was safe, nothing was protected, that you, and your loved ones, couldn’t close the door on the outside world?

At Simon, we continue to protect those who are at their most vulnerable and help them change the course of their lives. By providing the physical door to a home of their own we are helping people to close the door on the mental strain of homelessness.

Simon Communities have been helping people close their doors on homelessness for 50 years. To mark this, our #ClosingDoors campaign shares our clients’ experiences of moving on from homelessness. Their stories showcase the security and safety they now have as they can now close their door to their own home.

Galway Simon marks its 40 year anniversary this year. Help us to continue closing doors on homelessness and get involved in volunteering, fundraising activities and events.

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