Health & Well-being Team

We provide the best possible support to all of our clients through the services of our Health and Well-being team who provide specialist support under the following categories:

• General Nursing Supports with attendant Dental and Chiropody Treatment
• Mental Health Supports
• Drug and Alcohol Counselling
• Relapse Prevention Counselling
• Occupational Therapy

Providing homeless services is much more than just putting a roof over someone’s head. The investment in health-related supports is a vital contributor in helping people turn their lives round.

Poor physical or mental health, traumatic life events, lack of supportive networks, institutional care, addiction, poverty, and unemployment are all too common experiences of many of the clients that engage with our services. Read more about the reasons people become homeless.

By addressing the underlying risk factors and putting the right supports in place, someone experiencing these complex issues can make a lasting progression out of homelessness to lead an independent life in the community.


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