Volunteer Vacancies

We have over 70 volunteers at any one time across our services, shops and office who kindly give their time and support the work we do. Whether you have a little or a lot of time to spare, we will do our best to accommodate your volunteer application.

Part-time Vacancies

Briarhill Shop, Part-time

The volunteer will work in our furniture shop in Briarhill. If you like a retail setting or engaging with customers, this is the perfect volunteer role for you. Both of our shops on Sea Road and Briarhill are staffed with volunteers and each of them works as a shop assistant for a minimum of 4 hours week.

Skills Sharing Support, Part-time

The volunteer will share the skills they have such as knitting, sewing (both manual and machine), adult literacy, exercise, independent living skills, dancing, arts and crafts and are always open to suggestions. The volunteer will work in our residential services.

Befrienders (Galway City and Tuam), Part-time

This role involves meeting with one of our clients on a weekly basis to spend time together or do something you both love. Volunteers are matched with clients based on their skills and the support needed.  Activities can include going for walks, grabbing a coffee together or watching sports.

Ballinasloe Day Centre Support, Part-time

Support for clients in our Ballinsloe day Centre.

Residential Support (Galway City), Part-time

This role involves helping out in our housing services by spending time and engaging in activities with clients along with assisting our qualified staff members with daily tasks in the house.



Applying for a Volunteer Position

Part-time Positions:

To apply for a part-time volunteer role, please complete and return our Volunteer Application Form below to  Jenny  at coord@galwaysimon.ie or post to Galway Simon Community, 18 Tuam Road Centre, Tuam Road, Galway.

Please note, Galway Simon can only accept volunteers who are aged 18 or over. Part-time  volunteeering applications are subject to references and garda vetting.

For more information about any of the volunteer vacancies, please fill out our contact form here.

Event Volunteering Positions (Once-Off Roles):

To apply for an event volunteering role, please get in touch with Amy Lavelle on 091 381828 or amy.lavelle@galwaysimon.ie. Please note it is not necessary to complete an application form and the part-time recruitment process does not apply here.

Part-time Volunteer Application Process

The process for recruitment of part-time roles involves:

  • Completing the application form
  • Attending an Information Session
  • Completing Garda Vetting Form at the Information Session
  • Supplying 2 referees
  • Depending on the type of volunteering you will need to attend a four hour training session*.

*Volunteers who wish to work directly with clients need to have the training.  Shop volunteers receive onsite training.